Helios 44 M42 Lenses

The Helios lenses were produced in 2 main types. M and K mounts.
The original, first “Helios 44” was made for earlier M39 mount cameras.

These lenses are clones of the Carl Zeiss 58mm f/2 Biotar.
The Biotar employs a classic 6 elements in 4 groups lens configuration.

Focal Length Minimum Focus Maximum Aperture Minimum Aperture Lens Construction
58 mm 0,5 m f/2 f/16 6 elements, 4 groups
Lens Type Coating Aperture Control Iris Blades Filter Diagraph
Helios 44-2 Single Coated Manual 8 49 mm
Helios 44-3 Multi Coated Manual 8 52 mm
Helios 44M Single Coated Auto/Manual (Switch) 8 52 mm
Helios 44M-4 Single & Multi Coated Versions Auto 6 52 mm
Helios 44M-5 Multi Coated Auto 6 52 mm
Helios 44M-6 Multi Coated Auto 6 52 mm
Helios 44M-7 Multi Coated Auto 6 52 mm

Helios 44M Auto to Manual Aperture Control Conversion


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