Nikon D40/X Firmware Update

Good news there, Nikon just released a firmware update for its D40 and D40x DSLRs.

Version 1.12 for the D40 and Version 1.01 for the D40x improve compatibility of both cameras with Nikon’s new EN-EL9a batteries. With the updated firmware, the D40 should deliver approximately 510 shots in single-frame shooting mode using the EN-EL9a, according to CIPA standard tests, rather than 470 with the original EN-EL9 pack.

Nikon D40 1.12 Firmware updates:

This download provides software for upgrading D40 A firmware to v1.12. The camera’s B firmware must be Ver. 1.11 to upgrade A firmware to Ver. 1.12. (download previous 1.11 firmware for D40)

How to confirm your cameras current firmware version:

1.Turn the D40 on.
2. Press the MENU button and select Firmware version from the setup menu. The camera’s firmware version will be displayed.
3. Turn the D40 off.


Nikon D40X 1.01 Firmware updates:


Don’t forget to charge up  your battery before this update.
Additional instructions on Nikon’s website.


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