Processing Film Resources

There are some usual link for processing amateurs.

The best if you start with B&W film for some practice.
The other processing types (C41, E6) are very different, the chemicals are nastier, and you need to be much more accurate with time and temperature.

B&W Processing

Ilford have a nice PDF which goes through the whole process of developing B&W films.
Procesing Your First B&W Film

Thanks for Ian Land

This is a very useful list of B&W films and developers, their processing times with temperatures.
The Massive Dev Chart

Everyone’s Film Developing Recipes

Other types of films and processing

What’s the difference between color negative (print, C41) and color slide (reversal, E6) films?
Slide vs. Print Film

What will you need? There’s a particular guide.
Developing Film

About the C41 Process
The C41 Process
C41 Negatives Development

About the E6 Process
The E6 Process
E6 Slides Development

Manuals and Publications
Kodak Processing Manuals
Ilford Push Processing Publication

Color chemical kits in Europe are available by Tetenal.




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