Multi-Exposure Film

If you have a Holga it’s will be much easier for you. One of the best things about Holgas is the way the shutter release is independent from the winding mechanism. This makes multiple exposures very easy to do.
To do a double exposure, take your first picture, then take another of a different subject.

Double Exposure by Jörg Richner, Pixelfarm

Tips for multi-exposures:

  • Multi-exposures work best with simple, contrasting subjects. Try to avoid bright or white light as the risk of over-exposure is greater.
  • You aren’t limited to double or triple exposures; just keep clicking! This works best in lower light so you don’t overexpose your negative.
  • Try multi-exposures at night with a flash, you might get some ghostly results!
  • Try different coloured filters over your lens when taking multi’s for crazy colours.
  • Shoot a roll normally, slightly under-exposing each shot. Once you have got to your last picture, go into a pitch-black room, or a changing bag. Pop the back off and carefully rewind your film back onto its spool. Now find a friend to send the film to. Once they have finished the film get it developed and upload to Flickr!

Double-exposing a whole roll

It’s possible to double-expose a whole roll if that is your intention. What you need to do is shoot a roll of film as normal. Once you’ve taken the 12th picture, do not wind on any more. Now find a completely dark room. It’s vital that it is completely dark – so go in there and close the door then wait for five minutes and see if you can see anything. If you can, then its not dark enough. If you don’t have a dark room you can buy a changing bag from eBay or any decent photo store.

When you’ve got your changing bag, put your Holga in it, then take the back off and remove the right hand spool (where your exposed film ends up). Now remove the spool on the left and carefully start winding the film back onto it. Make sure you wind it nice and tightly to avoid any unwanted light leaks. Once you’ve done that you can go back into the light and load your film again!

Film swapping

There are several groups set up for swapping film. What usually happens is one person buys a roll of film, shoots it, then rewinds it. They then send it off to some one else who shoots the roll and processes the film. The results are completely unpredictable and very exciting! The most popular group for film swapping is A Tale of Two Cities. If you are struggling to find someone to swap with, come along to squarefrography and we’ll help you find someone!

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